Hardware as a complete service.

Sodvin E2U Systems offers a complete technical solution to our customers. Our services includes practical handling of the physical units, technical management and monitoring solutions.

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We create a complete system combining the most relevant hardware with E2U’s own software and backend.




All logistics are handled by E2U:

  • shipping from the supplier
  • configuration
  • packaging
  • shipping to the end customer.





Sodvin E2U Systems monitors our technical solutions for the end customer. This ensures exceptional management of any possible discrepancies.


Maintenance and Support

We maintain our software for the client through both installation and online upgrades.



Save on energy costs without thinking

Our smart house solution utilizes E2U, a gateway which is connected directly into the fuse box. Once in place the customer can put their mind at ease. E2U takes care of the rest.


E2U is connected to the cloud and plans your energy consumption against weather reports and electricity prices. This process is continuous throughout the day.

Connected to smart sensors, the system can for example be programmed not to heat the hot water heater in the morning when it would be most expensive. Instead it heats up when the price is lower.

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