Why Choose Us

Hardware as a complete service

E2U takes care of all the practicalities from delivery to the end customer. We put together and prepare all our units with “plug & play” solutions. We handle all service and warranties.


icon-hardwareFlexible Customization
We create a complete system combining the most relevant hardware with E2U’s top end software. On the rare occasion where a good hardware alternative does not exist on the market, we take the time to develop a custom solution based on the client’s needs.



All logistics are handled by E2U from delivery to the supplier, to packaging, to shipping to the end customer.


E2U monitors our technical solutions for the end customer. This ensures exceptional management of any possible discrepancies.


icon-supportMaintenance and Support
We maintain our software for the client through both installation and online upgrades. E2U mans second line technical support.



Business model

We want to succeed together with our clients, therefor we base our business on customer success.

All hardware is chosen together with the client based on an open cost model. Our chosen solution will always be based on the most suitable hardware option upon the basis of criteria such as cost, technology, certifications etc.

E2U business model

Communication Interface

We have an open API for support of our various cloud solutions. API is short for “Application Programming Interface” and is a programming interface which enables communication between multiple applications.


E2U Interface